05 Dec 2020

Category: Xe


DRIFT v2 – Johnny FPV 

Shout out to Formula Drift, all the drivers, and Will Smith’s Bucket List. Hope you guys enjoyed the facemelt. Song: Lost Sky – Lost ► Drone Setup: – JOHNNY FRAME V2 (NEW!): – Johnny Prop (Smoothest prop on the market): – Motors 2400KV (4s/5s): –…


Blackmill – The Drift (Full Version) 

New Blackmill T-shirts out now! US: EU: Download link: Sheet Music: A Classical Dubstep/Breakbeat track made when I was 16 that was for a Dance movie or something like that! Thought I’d polish it up and show you guys 🙂 Artist: Blackmill Title: The Drift…


Season 5 Premiere – Drift Car 

Season 5 kicks off with the boys building a drift car around a budget Nissan 180SX that Moog bought Marty in 2012. In this first part of a multi-part premiere, Marty and Moog try and find out whats wrong with the car so they can…